HIPPOCRATES is a research initiative in the field of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. The acronym stands for:
“Health initiatives in Psoriasis and PsOriatic arthritis ConsoRTium European States”.

The purpose of HIPPOCRATES is to promote early identification and improving outcomes in Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). To reduce the burden of PsA, the HIPPOCRATES consortium brings together world leading clinicians, highly qualified experts and researchers in the field of psoriasis and PsA and people living with the disease. They will work together closely as a team to intensify the search for promising new tests that can guide the future development of new effective treatments for PsA. HIPPOCRATES started in July 2021 and will run for 60 months – a well established team from all over Europe will work together on these ambitious objectives through seven work packages.

People with PsA are involved actively in the design of the research at every stage.You can learn more about our Patient Research Partners (PRPs) through this link.