European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology

EULAR is the organisation which represents people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs), health professionals and scientific societies of rheumatology of Europe. EULAR aims to reduce the impact of RMDs on the individual and society and to improve the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of RMDs. To this end, EULAR fosters excellence in education and research in the field of rheumatology. It promotes the translation of research advances into daily care and fights for the recognition of the needs of people with RMDs by the governing bodies in Europe.

Integrated in EULAR, PARE is the network of 37 national organisations of People with Arthritis/Rheumatism across Europe, united to ensure the voice of people with RMDs is heard and has influence among decision makers, and to create powerful alliances that will make a difference to their lives.


Within the HIPPOCRATES project, EULAR will coordinate the work of a Patient Advisory Council composed of Patient Research Partners (PRPs) which will monitor the progress and give input to tasks and deliverables across the project from research design, data collection and analysis to communication and dissemination. PRPs will provide input into surveys and developed products, patient recruitment strategies, communication activities targeting patients and the general public, and any other relevant tasks where patient input is necessary. EULAR will also be a co-leader of work package 7 on Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability.

Main contacts

Photo of Maarten de Wit
Maarten de Wit
EULAR Patient Research Partner
Photo of Diana Rodrigues
Diana Rodrigues
Scientific Project Coordinator