Rigshospitalet Copenhagen

RH is Denmark’s largest department of rheumatology, covering the entire Capital Region. It hosts COPECARE, which is the arthritis research unit of the Danish Capital region focusing on inflammatory joint disease, such as psoriatic arthritis, axial spondyloarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. COPECARE has a special focus on registry studies (hosts the Danish Rheumatology Registry DANBIO and the European Spondyloarthritis Research Network coordinating center, EuroSpA CC), imaging research (MRI, ultrasonography, radiography etc.), and investigator-initiated clinical studies and hosts the Danish Rheumatological Biobank.


COPECARE at Rigshospitalet will particularly be involved in WP1 (early diagnosis of PsA) and WP3 (damage progression) and will contribute with expertise in imaging (MRI, ultrasonography, optical imaging and radiography) in diagnosis, monitoring and prognostication of PsA. Furthermore, COPECARE at Rigshospitalet will contribute with several cohorts providing datasets for several of the work packages. Thus, COPECARE will contribute with resources within clinical research, imaging and biomarkers.

Main contacts

Photo of Professor Mikkel Østergaard
Professor Mikkel Østergaard
leader of COPECARE and expert in imaging in rheumatological diseases and investigator-initiated studies
Photo of Professor Merete Lund Hetland
Professor Merete Lund Hetland
Head of the Danish registry for patients with arthritic diseases and expert in investigator-initiated studies and in registry studies
Photo of Professor Lene Terslev
Professor Lene Terslev
Head of ultrasound unit and an international expert in ultrasonography in arthritis research
Photo of Bente Glintborg
Bente Glintborg
Senior Research and Project Leader
Photo of Christian Hoeg
Christian Hoeg
Academic Administrative Officer at Copenhagen Center for Arthritis Research (COPECARE )